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About Us

Balt Yard Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive ship overhaul services. Our offer is focused on supervision and efficient completion of dock overhauls in Polish and foreign shipyards. We carry out both minor and major overhauls, remanufacturing works, repairs: comprising steel, painting, electrical and piping works.

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Our staff is made of employees with rich professional experience. Our employees have seaman books, medical certificates, welding certificates and other documents required for the performed works. We worked with many ship operators and shipyards in Poland and abroad.

Quality and Certificates

We have an ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, a 1090 factory production control certificate and an ISO 3834:2007 welding processes compliance certificate.


Floating dock


Steel works

Electrical works

Comprehensive repairs of ships
Class (renewal) surveys and shipyard overhauls
Repairs in shipyards and harbours
Washing and cleaning bilges
Washing, cleaning and painting tanks
Collecting and disposing oil-contaminated water
Sand-blasting hulls and ship structure parts
Painting hulls and structure parts
Indoor explosiveness tests
Approving tanks for hot works
Supervising installation of parts on ship decks
Transporting hazardous and oversized materials


Main and auxiliary engines
Hydraulic systems
Power generation units
Reduction gear


Floating dock:

  • lifting capacity 8.000 t
  • total length 150 m
  • internal width 27 m
  • submersion above keel blocks 8 m
  • compressed air system 0.6 MPa
  • fuel storage tanks 100 m3
  • cranes 2 × 8 t
  • wastewater tank
  • steam and fire protection system
  • VC supply — 440 V, 380 V, 220 V
  • DC supply — 220 V, 110 V, 24 V
  • maximum length of lifted ship 170 m

Mechanical jack with 14 working stations

  • lifting capacity 2.200 t
  • total length 100 m
  • internal width 22 m
  • submersion above keel blocks 5 m
  • compressed air system 0.6 MPa
  • fuel storage tanks 100 m3
  • cranes up to 50 t
  • steam, fire protection, freshwater, acetylene and oxygen systems
  • VC supply — 440 V, 220 V, 24 V
  • maximum length of lifted ship 110 m


Balt Yard Sp. z o.o. also offers a highly qualified staff of:

Hull platers
Mechanic engineers
Ship fitters
Ship joiners



We work with many ship operators and shipyards in Poland and abroad:

Polish Navy Shipyard in Gdynia, Komenda Portu Wojennego Gdynia, VISTAL, Baltic Engineering, Unibaltic, Wagenborg, Technip, CTS, MMI, Germania Shipyard Agency GmbH, ATRA Holland, Sinus Ltd., Poly-tek, Neptun, Wagenborg, CMACGM S.A., JR Fleet Fund CV, Sylkon Technik.

Polish Navy Shipyard

We have worked with the Polish Navy Shipyard for many years. We regularly perform maintenance works, including painting and sand-blasting. Also steel and electric works.


During the last three years, we completed for Komenda Portu Wojennego in Gdynia many works covering for example mechanical or electrical engineering.

Other projects

We also provide steel, piping and mechanical works as well as ongoing repair for many ship operators in Poland and abroad.